Grants Program



Each year the WFBR distributes proceeds from our special events and operating funds to non-profit, community-based organizations, that develop and implement projects benefiting women and girls living in Ashe, Avery and Watauga Counties.  Typically, grant awards range from $1,500 - $15,000.  Multi-year grants are not available.  Grant funds are intended to be used in the year awarded and cannot be applied to more than 25% of the operating expenses for the project being funded.

From year to year, we do not know how much we will have available for grants and there are times when we are not able to fund all applications. There is also no guarantee that receipt of funding one year, will result in future funding.

Required - Proposals must meet a local need related to one or more of the WFBR Focus Areas below:

Education:  Increasing individual knowledge is a powerful tool.  Funded programs should strive to use creative solutions that are sustainable, and help women and girls further their education.

Human Services:  Providing direct services to women and girls is critical in helping them thrive.  Funded programs should provide services that can be tracked over the grant funding cycle and show how the program is directly benefiting women and girls.

Health and Wellness: Access to affordable medical care is critical.  Funded programs should focus on health and wellness programs for women and girls that have measurable outcomes.

Empowerment:  Funded program should invest in the growth and development of women and girls and deliver meaningful, measurable, and lasting outcomes.