Who We Fund

2018- 2019 Grant Allocations

Community Care Clinic, Watauga County
Making Smiles Dental Program & Vision Program
The Clinic provides integrated healthcare to low-income families who do not have health insurance. 
Creative Peacemaker Center, Watauga County
Helps children with peacemaking skills using cooperative play and creative expression (yoga, drawing, dance, gardening, cooking, and more).
F.A.R.M. Café, Watauga County
A healthy and inclusive café that provides delicious meals from local sources, served in a restaurant where everybody eats, regardless of means.
Hospitality House, Ashe, Avery & Watauga Counties
Rebuilding lives by providing a safe, healthy, nurturing environment to those experiencing homelessness and poverty-related crises.
Hunger and Health Coalition, Ashe, Avery & Watauga Counties
A resource for individuals and families that are struggling to provide themselves with basic needs such as food, medications, and heating fuel. 
OASIS, Avery and Watauga Counties
Programs and services to end domestic violence and sexual assault including temporary shelter, counseling, medical advocacy, prevention, and more.
Reaching Avery Ministry, Avery County
Helping families with food, clothing, furniture, household items, crisis situations and emergency financial assistance for fuel. 
Shoes for Kids, Ashe County
Provides no-cost, properly fitting, seasonal appropriate footwear for Ashe County children in need.
Volunteer Avery County, Avery County
Aids families and individuals that do not qualify for public assistance by providing basic items such as food, fuel, medical needs, transportation, and clothing.
Western Youth Network, Watauga County
Empowers children using five core initiatives: mentoring, after school programs, high school success, summer camp, and community health.