Local Resources

24-Hour Crisis Line Numbers:

1-800-268-1488 (within area codes 828, 336 and 423)
262-5035 (within the Boone Area)
264-3761 (page via Sheriff’s Office)

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Our Research

In the spring of 2013, the Women’s Fund partnered with a sociology class at Appalachian State University to identify the biggest barriers for women becoming economically self-sufficient in our mountain communities. You can download the research study below.

pdficonIdentifying Barriers to Self-Sufficiency: A Study of Women in the High Country

Thanks to Dr. Cameron Lippard and his senior sociology students for all their hard work making this report possible. And many thanks to our grantee partners for distributing surveys to their clients and helping to arrange focus groups.


FAQ About Women’s Funds

What is a women’s fund?

“Women’s funds seek to achieve lasting community gains by addressing the root causes of social problems and transforming systems, attitudes, and social norms.” ~Women’s Funding Network

Women’s funds aim to help women reach their full potential. They do this by seeking out initiatives that have the same goal and providing them with the funding to fuel their efforts. By investing in various programs, they provide organizations and community leaders with the resources, funds and skills to build women up and give them the confidence to realize that they can reach their greatest potential. Some of the main goals include eradicating issues such as poverty and violence, making healthcare and education more accessible, and providing leadership and development skills as well as economic empowerment. There is also a significant focus on youth development and empowerment.
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