Become a Committee Member

Board Committees are a crucial part of helping the board and staff implement the mission of the Women’s Fund.   Interested in joining a Board Committee?  Fill out the Committee Volunteer Form below.

Development Committee: The Development Committee explores ways to promote the mission of the WBFR in order to take the corporation into the future.  The Development Committee develops plans for events and activities to carry out goals of the WFBR.  Events may include social activities and ‘Friendraisers’, informational seminars and round tables, and may include special projects to support fundraising, showcase our accomplishments, recognize individuals or organizations for their philanthropic activities.

WFBR Annual Event: This committee is charged with developing and presenting to the Board for approval all plans associated with our single largest fundraising event of the year.  The event committee duties include securing a venue, selection/design and sending of invitations, publicity, contacting sponsors and donors, securing silent and live auction items, and all other aspects and decisions associated with planning the largest fundraising event of the year.

Grants Committee:  The Grants Committee is charged with (i) reviewing all applications for grants from nonprofit agencies; (ii) making recommendations to the Board for funding, revising, and monitoring grants; (iii) evaluating awarded grants; (iv) conducting site visits to grant recipients; (v) hosting quarterly meetings with grant recipients; and (vi) planning and hosting the springtime grantee event.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee recruits new members and cultivates, educates, and maintains relationships with members.   The committee works closely with the Executive Director to establish and revise donor membership levels on a yearly basis. The committee reviews member and donor lists, and also helps organize special events to increase membership, such as an annual membership meeting, educational, or information sharing seminars.

Nominating Committee: This committee identifies needed board member skills and suggests nominees for the Board of Directors . This committee shall also be responsible for identifying women in the communities served by WFBR to be considered by the Board as candidates for potential recognition as one of WFBR’s annual award recipients.

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee engages members and volunteers in hands-on community projects that directly benefit women, their children, and girls in need.  The committee organizes community service projects involving existing or potential members.  The committee shall collaborate with other committees to provide a community service component to other WFBR events.

Public Relations Committee:  This committee oversees communication and publicity efforts through media outlets (newspaper, on-line resources, radio and television), website, newsletter, printed materials, photographs, local Chambers, Facebook, and Twitter. The Committee Chair works closely with the Executive Director and other Committee Chairs to ensure that the positive image of the WFBR is maintained and properly promoted.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out the application form below.